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TDB Leasing establishment in partnership with Mizuho Marubeni Leasing Corporation of Japan aims to cater to the growing demand of financial leasing service in one of the fastest growing economies based on synergy of banking infrastructure provided by TDB and vast experience and broad-based financial knowledge provided by Mizuho Marubeni Leasing Corporation.


Japanese know-how which comes from Mizuho Marubeni Leasing Corporation.

Extensive experience provided by TDB which has a high reputation in the Domestic financial market


For Lessee

  • No substantial initial investment for the equipment
  • To allow Lessee to reduce ineffective cost and expense and increase the efficiency of the production by having a new equipment under the Financial lease
  • To allow Lessee to increase its production capacity
  • To improve cash inflow
  • To decrease tax deductable incomes
  • To improve financial flexibility

For Supplier firms

  • To increase sales of its products and goods
  • To raise business incomes and profits
  • To increase circulation of capitals and cash inflow
  • To attract new clients
  • To enhance competitiveness
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